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About Us

"Our Way Of Life"

The Trowbridge family invites you out to the farm! We have provided a fun family friendly agricultural experience to local families, school groups, church groups, 4-H clubs, and many more since 2002. Guests enjoy our 147 acre farm every fall for our corn maze, haunted house and haunted corn maze, wagon rides, pumpkin sales, duck races, put put golf, inflatable bounce house and rock wall, straw mountain, huge corn box, and kids play area that includes tube slide, merry go round, and more! No visit to the farm is complete with out stopping by the barn to visit our adorable goats, mini donkeys, horses, cows, ducks, and chickens!

After the fall activities wrap up, the farm closes for a few weeks then reopens Thanksgiving weekend for our annual fresh cut Christmas Tree sales! We sell a beautiful selection of Fraiser Firs, Balsam Firs, Scotch Pines, & Douglas Firs. We are honored that so many families choose Trowbridge Farms to be part of their Christmas tradition!


Our Story

Tom Trowbridge and Cindy McKenzie married on Aug. 17th 1974.  Over the next 10 years they would have 4 children.  Kim Trowbridge (Ames), Mike Trowbridge, Vickie Trowbridge (Knepper) and Hazel Trowbridge (Tracy).  Tom and Cindy lived and worked on the farm operating a dairy farm with approximately 40 head of cows.  During this time they would grieve the loss of their son Mike at the age of 9.  The family came together stronger than ever to continue on with the dairy farm.  As time went on milk prices dropped and the family was no longer able to continue milking cows and sold the herd.  At this time Tom would go to work for Central Noble schools as a custodian and Cindy had been working as a bus driver for Central Noble for several years.  The family never left the farm even though they no longer milked cows.  They cash rented the farm land to the neighbor and the farm continued to produce crops.  As time passed and children grew, life on the farm changed.  Tom’s mother (Grandma Ruby) was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the family would move from the original farm house to the house next door to live with her to make the transition easier for his mother.  After a period of time the family realized they could no longer care for her at home and she was placed in a nursing home.  This was a hard decision for the family but what was best for Tom’s mother. As all this is going on the family leased Skating Dimensions in Kendallville and would run the local skating rink for 3 years. During this time Tom and Cindy’s daughters are graduating from high school and even marrying.  Vickie would marry long time friend Matt Knepper on May 19, 2001, Kim would marry Andy Ames on April 5, 2002 and Hazel would marry Travis Tracy Oct. 9 2004.  Tom and Cindy would be forced to leave the skating rink in 2001.  The family felt a loss without being able to serve the community and looked for another way that they could use their family farm to do that again.  In the summer of 2003 the family knew what they needed to do to make their dream of having a business on the farm again.  That is when Tom proposed that they move the hay barn that sat in the barn yard that use to hold hay for the milking cows out to the backyard and create our now pavilion.  This was a huge undertaking.  Tom, Cindy and their kids fashioned a way to pull the hay barn from the barnyard with the use of a house trailer frame and our White tractor (this is the tractor used for the wagon rides).  Once this was completed they knew that the idea of creating a place for those that would visit our CORN MAZE was real.  That year we had a little mobile building that we sold hot cocoa and mini bags of popcorn out of with a tent to house our now oldest grand kids.  As the years passed we improved each season by adding things like the admission building, red barn, tractor barn, bounce houses, tube slides and so much more.  Then in 2017 we had our biggest loss Tom our Dad would pass after a year long battle after having a heart valve replaced and an artery in his lower abdomen fixed.  This was beyond the hardest thing anyone of us would ever imagine.  But we knew dad would want us to persevere and continue growing the farm, the maze our family.  Mom has taken the lead and in true dad style done more than we could ever imagine in the last few years.  We can only say thank you a million times to all those that visit us year after year and those new visitors every season.  13 grand kids and 19 seasons later we are humbled by the support we have received.

Meet The Family

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